Council Minutes July 2006

Minute of the last Council Meeting are:


Saturday July 1st 2006


Item 1 – Present


Aciago, Coxswain, doc, Ellie, Zacco, Jabiru, Kerbe, Pandasorn and roger-uk


Item 2 – Apologies for absence


Radar, Doomer, Mayra, Nele, Grandpa and Aerolife


Item 3 – Agreement of May minutes


The minutes were accepted unanimously


Item 4 – Agreement of June minutes.


The minutes were accepted unanimously


Item 5 - Scoutlink Domains


Discussed all aspects and it’s the liability on one person holding the domains that is cause for concern. Aciago will take some international legal advice and report back to council by email.


Item 6 – Asia Pacific Jamboree


Website is and no further information is available.


Chairman has contacted them to explain they need to discuss and agree various aspects of the event prior to its announcement.


Item 7 – Teams speak update


Agreed that Doc would contact Tita and see about bringing Team Speak within the Scoutlink Team


Item 8 – Deputies attending Council meetings


Agreed that Deputies and contribute and discuss but should follow their CC/RC lead.


Item 9 – Ratification of Mankel as IRC op


Ratified unanimously – welcome Mankel



Any Other Business


Doc – Ident – to remove ident on the servers (and make a special event ident available for the admin's which won't bother users)

Proposed – roger-uk seconded – doc carried unanimously with two abstentions.


Doc – Bot Team – Jabiru is still dealing – carried over to next meeting


Doc – Formal writing of JOTI-JOTA at ERSIS we as European JOTA-JOTI organisers decided to carry a recommendation to write JOTA-JOTI in <- way so no Jota-Joti, JOTA/JOTI, JOTAI, JOTI-JOTA, J.O.T.A/J.O.T.I. but always JOTA-JOTI


Kerbe - Anyone has knowledge of Eurojam status, are they using SL or some other network? (Ananas wished me to ask it) – Eurojam is over.


Meeting finished at 0016


Next meeting is at 22.00 on Friday the 12th August 2006 (Date changed to avoid the Asia Pacific jamboree on Internet.)