Council Minutes June 2006

Minute of the last Council Meeting are:


Friday 2nd June 2006

Item 1 – Present


Nele, Radar, Roger-uk, Pandasorn, Uncrafty, Jabiru, Bip, Doc-no,


Item 2 - Apologies     



Item 3 – May  Council minutes.


The secretary apologised that these were not available but would be done by next meeting.


Item 4 – Ratification of Mankel as IRC op.


Mankel was ratified by council unanimously.


Item 5 – ERSIS.


This is the European jota-joti seminar. It was pointed out that WOSM could reminder member association that Scoutlink is the preferred IEC network and to get this mentioned more often and for associations to cooperate with Scoutlink.


Item 6 – Meeting Times.


During summer a lot of the European Countries are starting at midnight or 01.00 which is not good. Problem is whatever time we start someone is going to be inconvenienced.  Jabiru suggested we could start an hour earlier.


Decided to discuss over email and vote over email.


Item 7 – Null.


Null has apparently told several user he intends to attach Scoutlink over JOTI with a DOS (Denial of service) attack.


Tech team have been warned and we are on our guard. After much discussion it was agreed that Null had had enough chances and steps would be taken to exclude him from the network on a permanent basis. Tech Team to implement.



Any other Business


No other business


Meeting was then closed at 23.49 gmt


Next meeting is on Saturday 1st July 2006 at 22.00 GMT.