Council Minutes May 2006

Minute of the last Council Meeting are:


Saturday 7th May 2006

Item 1 – Present


Aerolife, doc, Doomer_BE, Ellie, Falcon_tw, Jabiru, Mankel, Nele, Pandasorn, Radar, Roger-uk


Item 2 - Apologies     


Tinge, Grandpa


Item 3 – April  Council minutes.


Minutes are agreed and carried unanimously.


Item 4 – Scoutlink Italia and  Ratification of Italian CC.


PandaSorn was ratified by council and welcomed to the meeting. Proposed by Nele, Seconded by Jabiru and carried unanimously.


Item 5 – Payments for JOTI/JOTA.


The meeting discussed payments for JOTI/JOTA and it was unanimously agreed that no one should be asking money just to join ScoutLink for JOTI or for setting limits or whatever. It was still acceptable to ask for a contribution for camp fees etc for JOTI but membership of ScoutLink and the voting on CC’s / RC’s , IRC OPS channel ops etc must be free to All.


Item 6 – Scout Relationships.


Nele asked: Can we put an additional clarification in the rules about relationships on SL particularly with regard to child protection.  I wrote an English version which can be tweaked as necessary. The dutchies have translated it and added various nuances for themselves.. Possibly addition of a website over safety online Scoutlink is not a dating service. We do recognise that in any group of people with similar ages and interests relationships may develop. Please be careful as people may be untruthful about personal details like age, sex etc. If you wish to meet someone for the first time, arrange to do that at a Scouting event or other safe situation, never alone. Scoutlink strongly discourages sexual contact between adults and minors, whether online or in real life. Allegations of this kind or other inappropriate sexual conduct on ScoutLink will be investigated. Where evidence (for example in logs)exists of inappropriate behaviour the global council will take suitable measures, for example a network ban can be enforced and/or the persons own scout association can be informed.


It was agreed unanimously that this would be written into the Scoutlink Docs.


Item 7 – Bot for France and Bot Team Leader.


Ellie advised that Beluga apparently is in touch with peeves over joti bots so he must not be completely off the radar at the moment...


Jabiru will email Beluga to get the up to date position.


Item 8 – Ident Removal.


Much discussion took place over the use of Ident. Arguments were made for an against keeping it. It was decided to defer until next meeting.


Item 9 – Status TeamSpeak.


There was a general discussion and nothing appears to be formal about TeamSpeak . Ellie will approach the teamspeak Team and report back.


Item 10 – Website


This was discussed and doc complained about no content, Roger-uk complained that the layout was cramped and difficult to read.  We need a good readable website with information coming from all CC’s and RC’s. Doc will pester for information and get moving on the website with theTeam. Radar, Space and Doc will work on the website getting it up to date.


Item 11 – Documents (Scoutlink)


Doc 3 was now done and needed to go to Ellie and then would go before Council for ratification. Doc 4 was more difficult and we would need to recruit more – at least 2 – who should be non native English speakers. Roger-uk to recruit.


Item 12 – Knowlton – Scoutlink Radio and forums.


Much discussion took place and we need to:


  • Radio look at licensing and royalties
  • Forum this had been tried before


If Knowlton would put his proposals forward with specifics then they would be looked at. Agreed a closed forum for team only – must be moderated (Roger-uk will deal)


Any other Business


No other business


Meeting was then closed at 12.26 g.m.t.


Next meeting is on Saturday 6th June 2006 at 22.00 GMT.