Council Minutes April 2006

Minute of the last Council Meeting are:


Friday 7th April 2006

Item 1 – Present


Nelle, Jabiru, Roger-uk, Ellie, Kerbe, Mankel, Doc, Aerolife, Woody, Baloo_dk, Falcon_tw,

Item 2 - Apologies     


Doomer, Radar, Tinge, Mayra


Item 3 – March Council minutes.


Minutes are agreed and carried unanimously.


Item 4 – Scoutlink Italia (Report back from Team)


Meeting was a success and elections are being called. It would help if postings re #Italy were not sent to team list and the new CC (Whoever he/she is will have a hard job to resolve the parties) – they will get the full support of Council.


The meeting text will be posted to the forum as soon as the team are able.


Council thanked the team for a difficult job which was very well done.


Item 5 – JOTI Team (Members should be approved by CC/RC concerned).


 Secretary to remind JOTI coordinator that all Team members must be approved by their CC/R and in the event there was none to be approved by Council


Item 6 – #IRC help  (Request that they be allocated scoutlink email addresses.)


If members are ops then they can get them with approval of CC/RC.


There is already an mailing list...and tech Team will let Wraith have a copy of the list and he can change it. IRC Helpers can then give that address out. If there is a real need they should approach their CC?RC for agreement.


Any other Business


·        Zacco has had a request by the Scouts and Guides in France regarding JOTI and JOTA.

·        Zacco has also met with three of the French associations.

·        #Francais is still awaiting the bot.

·        Zacco wants 5 Channel ops but only three nominated. Does he need an election – Yes.


Meeting was then closed at 23.52


Next meeting is on Saturday 6th May 2006 at 22.00 GMT.