ScoutLink LogoScoutLink is a global non-profit organisation which aims to connect scouts and guides worldwide. Approved by WOSM, we provide a safe and supervised chatting environment for them, using powerful chat technology. Scoutlink is online 365 days a year and has created friendships around the planet. Our main event is JOTI and we enjoy connecting with new people each year. To connect to our chat rooms right away, have a look at 'Get Connected'.


Today we enabled a brand new webchat for this years JOTI. It is reachable at webchat.scoutlink.net


If you want you can embed it via an iframe to your website and also preset the channel and nickname. Here's a example

SSL on Webchat [Solved]

 The SSL Certificate on webchat.scoutlink.net expired. Due to some planned changes to the platform and a few other issues the certifcate won't be renewed for now.

We are looking for a long term solution, but for sure we will find a way before JOTI 2013.  So as long the certificate has the following SHA-256 Hash everything is still okay.

9F 28 76 B6 9B BB 63 88 BF B5 8F E5 49 69 68 D9
A5 5F 76 97 1C F7 81 77 B2 24 CD CD 3D 70 66 F0

We are working on a solution

Child Protection

On ScoutLink we take child protection very seriously. Whenever you have a problem, whatever that problem may be, please talk to an operator, who will do their best to help you. If you ask in the channel you are in, any ops that are available will come forwards. If you cannot find an operator, type /ircops or /stats P . This will give you a list of all the IRC operators, coordinators, and techies that are currently online that may be able to help you if they are available, and/or speak your language.

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